ltwCalendar - PHP Event Calendar

What is it?

ltwCalendar is an event calendar programmed in PHP and currently uses mySQL as a database backend. With ltwCalendar, you can add single events or recurring events. Everything is in a very customizable layout and should be very easy to integrate with your site. It was originally written by Matt Wade. Keep in mind that the people who contribute to this project work full time. We will help out where we can, but it isn't always possible to make everyone happy.


  • PHP 4.0 or higher.
  • MySQL.
  • Ability to read the INSTALL file and follow the directions.
  • Current Release:

    Currently at v4.2.1. Released on April 1, 2006. Check the readme for changes.


    Project Founder
    -- Matt Wade
    -- Tom Levandusky
    v4.13 Testers
    -- Andreas Keul, Dave B, Ian H, Rod, Wayne N
    Current Maintainer
    -- Kevin Stricker Logo